While At WizardWorld Chicago

This weekend I was an exhibiting artist at WizardWorld Chicago, and while it could have been more lucrative (always), some neat things happened.

I was interviewed about my Mechanica collection, and the influence which HR Giger has had on my work. This will be available on YouTube in short order, and I’ll be sure to share the link then.

I also took a few commissions, most notably multiples of Boba Fett, a character I have not rendered in over 30 years. But the patrons seemed ecstatic.

Fett commission

Second, I did a little sketching of an idea to fit in the Mechanica series, sufficiently creepy to set most moms ill at ease.

The Sleeper

I started a series of gender-twisted Avengers, something I had never attempted before. I find replicating other people’s work to be difficult at best, and as my own artistic vision is somewhat “unique,” I tend to look at known character art as an artistic technician’s exercise. But even this will expand your horizons as an artist. The first four in the series are featured below.

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